Last Song

Too Phat

This gon' be our last song

Yeah our last song together

Since 98 we been thru both good and bad weathers

And regardless of the 5 mics and radio hits

This whole lifestyle we living

Now is making me sick

Trust me now this ain't no interpersonal crisis

I'll break it down in points to show how miserable life is

You know my moms and pops

Joe they brought me up righteous

But temptations why my life's like this

Smile and reminiscing the lost numbers of skins

Free opportunities have made me dishonest to Tim

This whole fan phanatic b'nez

Got me kind of afraid

Remember that girl in Penang

Who carved my name wit' a blade ?

All over the body

If that's how Malique affect fans , I'm outtie

We can't be blamed

If they school grades turn out lousy

Cause they practise breakdancing

doing flares all day

Just because they saw Malique

doing it in his inlay

And not to mention all the crazy calls

from God knows who

Just to call and hang up after screaming

I love you

From getting notes on my car in my carpark to under my apartment door

And nasty yo-o-oh's in the store

Feeling uneasy in public when witches

beg me for kisses

And people staring at me on urinals

while taking pisses

A privacy intrusion argument number one

Laced with sin and guilt from fame is overweighing the fun

My second line is blinkin' now you gotta hold on

Imma leave you with the chorus that I did

for this song,

Be right back……….

(Malique's Chorus)

This gon' be be our last song

I know you want this to last long

You prolly hear this song and ask me to act strong

But stress is buildin up Imma blow

It's time for you Joe to go solo


Yo sorry bro I'm back and guess what ?

Well that was Tim's mum

Claimin' Tim was in the city

right before the city's b……

She mentioned bout a concert

Alicia Keys or something