Just A Friend

Too Phat

Verse 1 ( Malique )

have you ever met a gurl that you thought was perfect

you waited for her years 'cause you know she worth it

here's a lil' story bout this gurl i knew

since wayback in pre-school sometime in '82

she had 'em two pony tails and a front tooth missin'

wit' freckles on her cheeks cause the moms caucasian

up on a tree house is where we chilled together

with carvings on the trunk saying friends forever

she the type who laugh when the normally cried

and when they busy playing house we playin' bonnie and clyde

in grade school everybody knew we partners in crime

we usta bully kids in playgrounds like all the time

we always seen holdin' hands to the principal's office

the naughtiest in town and could no other kid stop us

in highskool she switched her desk next to mine

so we could cheat while doing pop quizes all the time

14th of February '93

little Jenny said she had a big suprise for me

gave me the very kiss and plus a ring and a card

and said I love you, so I gave her the rest of my heart

a coupla weeks later called her house at 10

the mama said I thought you suppose to be with Jen

I quickly rushed to the crib, she just got out of a van

I'm like yo who was that? oh he's just a friend.....

Chorus 2X

you, you got what I need

but you say he's just a friend,

but you say he's just a friend

Verse2 ( Malique )

so I took Jenny's word for it at this time

I thought just having a friend it couldnt be no crime

'cause even I have friends and babys that for sho

just like Watson, Hailee, Baby Tash and Joe

so we never talked about that late snack with van man

we rather talk about the future we have planned and

what to name our kids, al-Tarique or Shaymar?

Ayesha, or Tisha for a gurl and maybe even bring our

kids to that little tree house that we chilled at

but then in '94 I couldnt help it but feel sad

Jenny had to leave me to go get a lit