Weekend In La

The Toasters

Well I want to go to Rio

Spend a week in Paris, France

Slide off down to Haiti

And do some limbo dance

But I'm doing time in the city

I just don't understand

I should be lying on some beach

Writing love letters in the sand

Weekend in LA

Weekend in LA

Weekend in LA

So I dreamed a Greek vacation

And a holidy in Red Square

I ran straight to Soweto

as they could pull out all my

A camel ride in Egypt

A trek across the sand

I could be lying on some freak

And do some limbo dance

Weekend in LA (x4)

So I thought about a ticked

For a game of cricket

From a place called Pakistan

And Sheik Ali would give me the key

To crib on his divan

We'd me up with the Mexicans

And sign it over booze

And Ruby says

"This ain't no Port Au Prince"

Have you heard the news?

Weekend in LA (x4)

So what's up with Tanzania

Or may be Tenerife

I've got to catch a breather

Before I kick out someone's teeth

And you say you'll check me later

But I don't see quite how

How will you check me later

If you don't need me no more?

Weekend in LA (x4)