Sweet Home Town Jamaica

The Toasters

Sweet home town Jamaica

Where dem skies all blue

Sweet home town Jamaica

Lord I'm coming home to you

So when my soul was busy searchin'

Travelin' the world around, that's true

See many different smilin' faces

Some beautiful countries too

But no matter where and what I been to

It all lead right back to you

Somtin' forcefully be drawin' us home

Sweet Jamaica, all about you

So mi bredren what we gonna do?

A little lady on the corner

She sellin' fruit and veggie too

You can tell she ain't got no money

But she find a way to do what she do

Ghetto livin' some hard time

Jah will ever lead us on our way

But somehow, somewhere

There's got to be a better way

We lookin' forward to that day

So bredren what we gonna say?

Goin' down Jamaica

Where di good ganja grow

Jamaica people dem a love dat so

People come from east, west,

North and south

Big up a weed an run off di mouth

Some a dem a-angry, some a-bawl, some a-cry

Want a good weed fe a-burn inna I

Gonna tell dem de truth

No one a-tell dem a lie

When each and every youth

Give dem up alive