The Toasters

There is trouble in the world today

Fundamental love has gone away,

Apathetic views is what we see

Are reflected in society.

Everybody needs to compromise,

Sit back in life and enjoy the ride.

Relieve the stress that's on your mind.

Life is so short and there ain't much time...

When will we be free, yeah

To live our lives properly?

Come on

If I was to tell you that I'm near,

To only tell the truth,

Won't you hear,

Wherever in the world

You may reside?

I'm only scaring

Myself with pride...

See, my old friend

Taught me that way,

Stay off the streets

And see another day.

Positive people let me

Hear you say...

That you want to live

You live our lives properly?

One for all are we...

To live our life properly.