Now Or Never

The Toasters

When you say your kicking me out, that's ok I'm leaving

Cause I know what it's all about, or why you don't believe me

I've had it with your lies, I just can't take it

This may come as some surprise, were not gonna make it

Cause it's now or never

There's no point in sticking around, it just makes no sense

Cause I have always found, it won't make no difference

And when I'm hanging with the boys, if I'm not mistaken

You'll be waiting in the dark, with a heart that's breaking

Cause it's now or never

And when I try to sort it out, you don't give me credit

You like to stamp and shout, I may as well forget it

And you better tell me why, I can't wait for ever

And it better be tonight, because it's now or never....