I'm Running Right Through The World

The Toasters

Show me the land of the midnight sun

That's one place I still haven't gone

But you won't go far

If you stay where you are

Baby can you hear me, can you understand

I know this planet like the back of my hand

There's no time to waste

To find that (last) secret place

I'm buying a ticket on that mystery train

Heading down that lonesome [2nd time = endless] track

If I had to do it all again

Their ain't no turning back


I'm running right through the world

I aways said I would explain in a letter

I changed my mind 'cos I thought it was better

If we left out the parts where the teardrops start

Long distance loving on a mobile phone

No squeezing blood from this rolling stone

What's there left to say

when the wheels have rolled away?

Too many wrongs don't make a right as everybody knows

Sometimes there's cryin' in the middle of the night

But that's just the way it goes