There's No Place Like A Stranger's Floor

The Lawrence Arms

Teeth ripped out of gums hit sparkling gray squares of concrete

Screams in technicolor pain

Doubled over spitting blood

The freezing rain

Never felt so good to wake up in some town on some floor to some sound

Voices rattle through my veins

You're slowly imploding, your worlds are corroding

Please let it work itself out

We've got time to melt

You haven't said a single thing

A six month recurring dream

Oil stains glisten in the light

Fluorescent yellow blue and red

It's not worth talking when everything goes left unsaid

The freezing rain slants down in icy sheets on some street where someone is cursing what they've done

And walking quickly toward the train, cold and dejected in a brightly lit steel frame

Your eyes are a cloudy morning

My lips are this sealed letter

Ineptly yours

Sincerely sorry

It's something you feel in the sole out of your shoe on a loud city bus on some aching afternoon