The Lawrence Arms

Hey, Mike, I wish I could help you figure something out

But it's been too long since we spoke

Your sarcasm radiates unhappiness

So withdrawn and rooted deep inside

Are you content at 27?

Were you hopeful at 17?

A void the size of oceans stretches out between us

I guess our blood is supposed to be a bridge

Can you pull yourself up from this self hatred?

Can you pull yourself up?

Frustrations driven you to angry dreams

Let Nebraska disappear in golden flames of grain

I know you can't imagine having company right now

There's a world of tired faces that understand this pain

There's a better life waiting on the outside

Of these decaying walls

Your bitterness doesn't surprise me

As these pointless days go screaming by

Rejected sour eyes can't imagine blue skies

I wish you could find something to live for

Besides the agony of bleeding towards the last breath

I truly believe that you want more than this (this is killing you)

That what you want is very simple

Somehow so complex to get

Please don't hate yourself