Take One Down And Pass It Around

The Lawrence Arms

One hundred bottles of beer on the floor

One hundred bottles of beer

Less than twenty days from drowning in the last five years

A ring sucked from a finger

A desert that sucks dreams

Sand under grass, under fountains, under trees

The pit sees only half of what you're spending

Roulette wheels spinning, join in on the winning

As pirates sail down sidewalks we drink beer in paper bags

No stopping, standing, homeless sidewalks, celebratory atmosphere sags

And we wonder “will it ever rain again?”

We wonder on our money

On our bottled rum and gin

Party Central can only hold so much: lights, skies

And horizons, drinks, buffets, but enough talk and games, now it's time to die

One hundred bottles on the ground

And a last glance from the floor to the desert sky