Quincentuple Your Money

The Lawrence Arms

There's a letter at my momma's house, came with a flooded flag

It say: “Right now I'm coming home in a body bag”

It's a pride and a pain that are one and the same

It's a burning cigarette, it's a horrible dream

There's a man in an office who's going through files and a woman who watches television

And she doesn't get the jokes told be late night talk show hosts, but for some reason she laughs anyway.

There's this soap in my bathroom, and it's all covered in hairs

There's this hope in my brain, and it's all covered in prayers

There's a girl in this town who doesn't know I exist

There's a wounded sense of pride and a pain in my fist

There's 12 empty bottles on this table tonight

There's 4 lungs on fire and 4 burning eyes

And something will explode, and someone will cry

And someone will run out and never turn around

There's a park in this city where I used to go

But now it's covered with fences and cops and light posts

And I'd never go back even if it was the same

But it kills me to know that it's changed

There's these kids who have dreams

There's these dreams that will grow

Until they get so goddamn big that they explode

And what's left in the smoke and the falling debris

Is grownups like them and losers like me


Tonight let's go walking down Clark Street

And look at the new buildings that we've never seen

We'll stop at the bar and pass out on the floor

And tomorrow we'll forget everything and replay these days again