Navigating The Winward Passage

The Lawrence Arms

Drinking death wish nights can't save this

Glass eyed slack jaws scream from safe homes

I've got it wrong

Time and again, song after song

You've got answers: killing to please, swooning disasters

So inventory me, drop me in your fishbowl

I'm dying to breathe through your tight pigeon hole

A dead man in dead dreams…

When I'm gone you won't miss me

You're dying to fist me (honestly, now)

Out of the close and into the fire

Out of these dumb little quips that inspire

Outright outrage enrages you now

You're lifeless and sticky

Kicking dead cows

Fuck you sound

One shot, all wrong

One lie, all gone

So cry for yourselves, I'll die with my own help

These words are mine and this grave that we share time after time chokes my life out while you ask yourselves what I'm crying about

Well, these tears that are falling are wetting deaf ears

You cry your protests and say I don't care

And you know what?

I couldn't care less if you're repulsed through and through

A dead man in dead dreams when it's all said and done

Did you really think that you were the only one?

You were here before you, you'll be here when you're gone

Just another lemming humming protest songs

Fuck you sound