One Day, We're All Gonna Be 400 Lbs.

The Lawrence Arms

The girls, they don't love us anymore now

Because we wear black shirts and took a new vow

You can have the whole world right in your home

To redefine and eliminate 'alone'

Our TVs do the jobs of a thousand violent cops

Keep us inside while misinformation supplements our thoughts

Our kids know just what they need; more monitors and screens

And you tell them you can't take it anymore

But you stay inside and order your food from the grocery store

Your pager, you cell phone, your laptop, your mobile home

Your soloflex, your microwave, your Chinese take out/pizza days

Your suburb, your SUV, your nursing home for your granny

Your problems have all disappeared

Technology betrays your fear

And if I'm lucky, I'll never have to see another human being

Except the guys on my money, the girls in my magazines

The athletes on my tv screen, the people who have sex with me via virtual reality

No garbage man, no postman, no guy from 7-11

No store clerk, no soda jerk, just my companions I plug in

A pyramid for a modern day pharaoh (does it get any easier?)

The global village can be yours if your modem's not too slow

And I can thrive and don't even have to try

Download my ashes in my hard drive when I die