Nipsey Hussle , KENDRICK LAMAR

Look, my nigga this is dedication, this is anti-hesitation
This a real nigga celebration, this a Dime Blocc declaration
Fifty-Ninth and Fifth Ave, granny′s house with vanilla wafersThis the remedy, the separation, 2Pac of my generation
Blue pill in the fuckin' Matrix, red rose in the gray pavement
Young black nigga trapped and he can′t change it
Know he a genius, he just can't claim it
'Cause they left him no platforms to explain it
He frustrated so he get faded
But deep down inside he know you can′t fade him
How long should I stay dedicated?
How long ′til opportunity meet preparation?
I need some real nigga reparations
'Fore I run up in your bank just for recreation

Dedication, hard work plus patience
The sum of all my sacrifice, I′m done waitin'
I′m done waitin', told you that I wasn′t playin'
Now you hear what I been sayin', dedication
It′s dedication, look

I spent my whole life thinkin′ out the box
Boxin' homies three-on-one, got DP′ed but I ain't drop
Chirp on me, here I come, brrt, spin around the block
They blurped on me, said I ran a stop sign but that′s a lie
I spent my whole life starin' at the stage
Playin′ Sega, daddy smokin' sherm, mama playin' spades
Catchin′ vapors, grandma said I′d get some Jordans for my grades
That's my baby, when she died my heart broke a hundred ways
I spent my whole life tryna make it, tryna chase it
The cycle of a black man divided, tryna break it
You take a loss, shit don′t cry about it, just embrace it
Minor setback for major comeback, that's my favorite
My nigga L said: "You do a song with Nip, K. Dot he a better crip"
I said he a man first, you hear the words out his lips?
About flourishing from the streets to black businesses?
Level four yard livin′ given to false imprisonment
Listen close my nigga, it's bigger than deuces and fours my nigga
Since elementary we close my nigga, yeah, straight like that
I give you the game, go back to the turf and give it right back
For generations we been dealt bad hands with bad plans
Prove your dedication by hoppin′ out Grand Am's
I'm at the premiere politickin′ with Top, Nip, and Snoop
Damn, Pac watchin′ the way we grew, from dedication

If it ain't congratulate then it look like hate
If it ain′t congratulate then it look like what, Nipsey?
Hol' up!

This ain′t entertainment, it's for niggas on the slave ship
These songs just the spirituals I swam against them waves wit
Ended up on shore to their amazement
I hope the example I set′s not contagious
Lock us behind gates but can't tame us
Used to be stay safe, now it's stay dangerous
′Cause ain′t no point in playin' defense nigga
That′s why I dove off the deep end nigga, without a life jacket
Couple mil, tour the world, now my life crackin'
Cook the books, bring it back so it′s no taxes
Royalties, publishing, plus I own masters
I'll be damned if I slave for some white crackers
I was mappin′ this out, I hit the heights backwards
Hoppin' out the eighty-five in Reebok classics
Ran a couple marathons just to get established
To make it happen, you got to have it

Dedication, hard work plus patience
The sum of all my sacrifice, I'm done waitin′
I′m done waitin', told you that I wasn′t playin'
Now you hear what I been sayin′, dedication
It's dedication