Candy feat. Nipsey Hussle


Thumbin' through the bands
I bet I'll make your phone stop ringing
Those niggas won't call you again
Bring the noise to 'em niggas
It's loud and it's obvious
The strange shit I did
The things that you see
The bottles I pop, the way that I speak
I'm out in these, I'm shining on D's
No turning down, now you turn me up
The bright lights will burn you up
From LA to the MIA
To the up-top, I've been on my way

In candy, candy paint, candy paint
In candy
I'm in the candy paint
Just a Sauga city young nigga
Just a young nigga don't tell me nuttin'
I'm a young nigga, just a young nigga don't tell me nuttin'

She say I make her wanna get dressed more
Never talk about the sex, make her want sex more
I, met her on the 55th floor
Told her it's a party next door
She used to think about her ex more
Now she shop at Rolex more
Let go her regrets more
I gave her game and motivation now she blessed more
Thumbin' through them bands busting checks more
Found herself now she demanding respect more
Don't ever turn me down that's what stress for
And we can travel around that's what jets for
I'm the type to leave a mark on your neck more
Laurent clutch purse in your Lex' door
Realism got you feeling the effects more
Fuck it I might just take you with me on my next tour