Been Down (feat. Swizz Beatz)

Nipsey Hussle , SWIZZ BEATZ

Never sell out
Sometimes you gotta talk that talk to them Nipsey
Sometimes they can′t handle it thoughBut we don't care

Yeah, it′s a moment this special
This what happens stay down game bless you
This what happens don't fold the game test you
If you pass it you gone they can't catch you and its permanent
I been down I deserve this shit
Ruff Ryder Roc-A-Fella on my Murda shit
Tryna threat me with the fame ain′t concerned with it
Only worry about the green I′m a herbalist
Even though next level look still achieving those
Seven digits model bitches and arena shows
Hundred-thousand make a transfer cause my visa low
Every week I send a text like that to GSO
In the back feeling like Jigga in the GS4
Me and Boogie on some need to know
Watching ATL nigga on the PS4
See they mad at us
They hating on us I don't even know
′Cause Nipsey Hussle in a league his own
Niggas lame but to each his own
Changed the game, now I need a throne
Half a mil to Uncle Sam hate to see it go
All money in the squad nigga even though

Man it's hot like a kettle
Calling from the ghetto
Live from the ghetto
Live from the ghetto
We ain′t like you
We don't like you
We don′t like you
We ain't nothing like you
Goddamn we'd snipe you
Calling from the ghetto
Calling from the ghetto
We need help down here food around here
Or we gon spray everything down here
Calling from the ghetto
Live from the ghetto
Pick up my call from the ghetto
Pick up my call from the ghetto
We ain′t like you
We ain′t never like you
We ain't even like your type
Man we′ll snipe your type
Live from the ghetto
Man it's live from the ghetto
Came from nothing and made it something
Now I got the whole hood jumping
Tell me what you want now
Calling from the ghetto
Got the block hot like a kettle
Can′t even come back to your hood
Everywhere and we here yeah we good yeah