County Jail

Nipsey Hussle

Baby on the way then I caught my case
I went on the run and gave myself some time to think
Sitting in my cell, all I did was pray
Call home once a week and tell my people I′m okay
Ask me if I'm stressing I say hell naw I′m straight
But you can tell the difference cause it's written on my face
I've been working out, I′ve been gaining weight
I been having dreams about the day they crack the gate
Ain′t send me no mail, pregnant with my baby girl
Planned to take over the world I just ended up in jail
Writing down my plans hoping I don't hit the pen
Drop a thousand on my books and trust me I′ll be back again

Shit ain't looking good, still I keep the faith
Sittin′ in this county jail tryna fight my case
Running through these fades, I just miss my daughter face
They bring me out my cell sixty minutes everyday
Back and forth to court, bank on niggas in these tanks
Laughin with my homies bout them days when we was raised
You only down the street but seem so far away
As I'm sitting in this county jail tryna fight my case