Dancing with the Devil


Wide awake at 2 A.M
Think I'm losin who I am
Why you keep on choosin' them
When all I'm tryna do is make sure you got
a nice bed and welcoming arms to come home to
But time and time and time again
You're only here every now and then
When's it gonna end?

People say I'm all the kinds of crazy 'cause I'm crazy for you
They say, "How you love a ghost you can't touch?"
They ain't wrong but, I just love you too much
So go and call a GP
Baby say I'm too freaky

Oh my god, I'm so gone
I'm dancing with the devil with my high heels on, on
Unapologetic 'bout it

'Cause the lovin' so good, though I know baby's no good
Yeah the lovin' so good, if I could stop it, I would
Yea the lovin' so good 'cause we up to no good
But the lovin' so good

Profil NIKI

1) niki is a producer on Niconico and piapro notable for making high-quality rock songs using Lily. His 2nd song won in the anim.o.v.e "Lily Utawasetemita Contest".

2) Niki aka Kairit Tuhkanen is Estonian Pop singer. Her songs are taken from Russian Pop artist Zhanna Friske.
Kairit was born on the 15th of may 1980. She gathered more popularity in 2006 when she was chosen Estonia's second best channel "Kanal 2" weather reporter.

3) NIKI or Nicole ... selengkapnya

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