Niggaz Don't Want It

Lost Boyz

[Mr. Cheeks]

Back up off of dat speed

Yo back up off of dat speed

Queens most wanted

Yo back the fuck up

Chorus x3: Niggaz Don't Want It Over Here Niggaz gettin blunted over here

[Mr. Cheeks]

Spiggy Nice field jackets and I keep my jeans saggin

You use the ??? see it's ??? sense the dragon

It's lost boyz crew in 96 sometimes queen's mother fuckas

Bring the ruckus clear the floor

I try to maintain, but niggaz they be fuckin wit my brain

Kid I've in this game ever since 13

It's your worst nightmare cause I'm far from a dream

Some niggaz wanna scream, I keep it quiet when I scheme

They called us on the humble, me and Freekie Tah got stuck

Now it's time for me and freekie Tah to blow the fuck up

For real i'd rather puff a L in my act

Or creap thru the streets with my seats layed back

Or now I'm the versatile tile

They keep it to my now, my made style is runnin wild

I run with crews of individuals that break backs

Cause know a-days niggaz fake jacks

Fuck all your crews and your individuals

Who refuse to use mics as tools, kid ya lose that

To violate the lost boyz that's a warnin', keep it real in 96 shit is on it

Chorus x4

[Freekie Tah]

You done made the wrong move

That'll get in ya

Ima bust it in with this ill type of beat

Cause you know freekie tah got this ill technique

Style, i'm buckwild

I gotta flip some shit, the flip, the flip

The flippin the script

But let me bounce now, back in the game

Freekie tah leakin no shame to my name

Niggaz know my style, niggaz lookin now

Niggaz don't wanna hurt me that's word to my pow

They don