Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless (rmx)

Lost Boyz

Verse One:

Take a trip into my set

How much you wanna make a bet

my peoples struggle for the shit they get

They steady fuckin' with theses coppers and their scams

Me and my man are power moving caravans

It's hectic coming up in the gutter

When they say they have no work they make you

hustle for you bread and butter

And everybody's ill

I know kids around my way who get a thrill from seeing blood spill

Now who's the one to blame my friend

For bringing guns into the states and knockin' down my men

And keeping them inside the pen until they figure out when

To let my people on the street until they frame 'em again

Now listen, there's no way to escape

I got the test to show the well now you're just what it takes

Mr. Cheeks and LB fam illegal drug thugs kid

The game was hotter than a flame so out the game I slid

Chorus: Lifestyles of the rich

see some die nameless all the same game it's

time to move a muscle, see the

year's nine-five everybody's gotta hustle.

This nigga Jack he owns the block

Not an ordinary thug around the way or in the drug spot

He drives a black Mercedes-Benz

Be in the bar with the local drug stars and his lady friends

Now understand he's getting cheese

His life is all about rollin' dice with G's getting nice flipping keys

That's some way to live

I guess somebody's gotta do the taking if nobody wants to give

Making moves with his peeps outta town

Shorty with the work, his man got the four-pound

He's getting bigger than his jeans

Setting up niggaz for cream, beatin' down crack fiends

Lickin' shots at the jam

Coming up with ill scams, faking jacks on his man

Now how long will that last

Until his time runs out and someone gets up in his ass


This chick Yvette was getting cash

She had this block up in the smash, her lifestyle was living fast

Cocaine, champagne always pop [pop pop]