Music Makes Me High (remix)

Lost Boyz

featuring Canibus Tha Dogg Pound

[Mr. Cheeks]

One time

We bless the track

rush to the back

it's the LB fam dogg pound we attack

one time for the LP LB

My family come through

This who we do

Group Home Universal bounce one

Power moves to be made

Rap game is paid

Clown niggaz gettin paid

it's gettin jumpin some babes

The mind state steady thinkin

One dutch burnin

I'm already thinkin

Here to lay the real

I know to kill

I feel the envy

But those that try to bind me

right behind me wit my members

??? to see right here through the violence strap

but keep this hennessey and my main man's rap

caught up in the game black can't explain that

but longevity that's what I aim at

you wanna come through

and test yo fuckin skill

kid I go the shit that pray the rams plus the bills

sent your clown niggaz back and touch a fuckin hill

me and my fam givin competition chills

for from the east to the west

LP all of LB now who's the best

break your wins down like a pronoun

on the phone touch me and my click Tha Dogg Pound

throw your hands up you wanna fuckin toss

I'm that guy land of the lost

listen up, special wit a ??? style

come wit and you'll love bein' high

one 4 pound and my brotha Freaky Tah

Music Makes Me High


Yo combination of Mr. Cheeks, Canibus & Kurupt

Is enough to make the reels on casette tapes bust

Cause none of you fools is capable

My lyrical 'll knock you on the floor like a mechanical bull

rhymes ricochet off the inner walls of my lungs