Lost Boyz

Awww yeah party people you lookin' good out there

Now we got flavor on top of flavor. I'm talkin' about we got the

Old school flavor & the New school flavor Somethin' new from the

LB Fam I'm the local ? & I want you you & you to get ready & party.

Cheeks drop it on 'em...

Verse 1

Yo the situations I'm in it seem my life's out of order

escape place my tape in the recorder

I sit back spark & listen' start my reminiscin'

realize that there's mad Fam' missin'

I'm holdin' back the tears

no doubt we lost many peers

Mom Dukes held it down many years

Now many chumps came & left

when my Pop Dukes split

no doubt I had it bad as a kid

but held it down no ? to the school

meetin' slugger now everything's cool

155 niggas kept it live no doubt

Mr. Tel is comin' down to roll out

We S'in (Smokin') out all the time in the yard all nine

talkin' 'bout that car's mine

Young niggas growin' up in the city

enjoyed the streets 'cause at home things was shitty

My mom's boyfriend tryin' to break her down & hurt her

not yet drinkin' but still thinkin' murder

Pro Players & weeds under Christmas trees

Gramma said there'll be days like these

Now when my Granpops passed away

what can I say?

A nigga flips still to this day

I'm gettin' high drinkin' whiskey with the thugs now

I'm on the Van with my man sellin' drugs now

I'm in my zone


You see there's 8 million stories in the spot I'm from

LB Fam never stop 'til the job gets done

Word to moms pay attention to the slang we say