Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless

Lost Boyz

>Freaky Tah

verses Mr. Cheeks


[Freaky Tah]

Everybody's buckin don't give it a damn


Verse 1


Straight from cop killer Queens

a juvenile named Jack >Jack

at the age of 17 >uh huh

yo this kid Jack started slingin crack >started slingin crack

he's on the road to riches >riches

baggin bitches >bitches

he's in clubs takin pitchers

drink your finger always into sess

his lifestyles buckwild honey child >yeah

got a shorty named Val >Val

she stays on the Isle >ahhh

he started slingin at the age of 17 >uhh huh

his hearts made of steel >eh yo

kid his minds full of green >full of green

he got his first ounce

made a grand 400 >hundred

3 bills to get fresh

he other bills to get blunted >to be blunted

and wit the letter G >G

he bought the letter O >O

next thing you know man

he's rakin in the dough >rakin in the dough

he put his people down

cuz say thats only right >aight

for dem to get keys

dem and dem is mad tight >is mad tight

set-up organation organize on the block>organize...block

nobody's slingin on the block

eh yo we got this block on lock

and it's the.... >huh


Lifestyles of the rich & shameless >shameless

some die wit the name >wit the name

some die nameless >some die nameless

it's all the same game >It's on

it's all the same pain >It's on

it's all the same pain >It's On

it's all the same game >It's On