Evil Love Chain

Golden Earrings

She took my money

She stole my car

Broke my heart

And smashed my guitar

She slandered my name

And laughed in my face

And on Saturday night

She went and trashed the whole place

She's drivin' me crazy

Beyond insane

She plays with my mind

As if it's a game

And most of all stranger than strange

I come beggin'

For more again and again

I can't break away

From the circle of pain

I can't break away

This evil love-chain

She's mean when she's happy

Cruel when she's sad

She finds something good

And she turns it to bad

She's young and goodlooking

And shakes the whole bed

While black magic voodoo

Lives inside her head

The girl is a menace

A danger, a threat

Can't get no worse

She's as bas as it gets

She looks like a princess

But I know instead

She's Dracula's daughter

And the angel of death

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