A Shout In The Dark

Golden Earrings

It's rainin' on a summernight

I'm gonna take a ride on a dreamboat

Don't know 'bout it's destination

Higher than the clouds & the angels

Further than a million roads forever - away

From the deathpatroll

'Cause when I close my eyes

I dream of freedom

And when I open 'em

I see a multitude of good reasons

To get the hell outa - here!

Tonight I'm breaking out

Tonight I made a vow

That any minute now

I'm gonna climb the wall of freedom on my own

Yeah - tonight I'm full of doubt

Tonight there's no more doubt

That any second now

I'm gonna face a life of treason on my own

I hear a shout in the dark

A scream in the alley

It seems like the devil runs this whole city - yeah yeah

It seems like the devil shows me no pity

I'm going home

Tried it all day lord

Time for me to kick off my working shoes

There's nothin' left to lose

Behind the tired buildings

Places that are haunting me lie lingering

Beyond the Berlin Wall

I hear it whisper I can hear it call

At night the sky for my hungry eye - hides a rainbow

Behind the concrete door

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