All Day Watcher

Golden Earrings

Well in a few more hours, and millions of people

hate their alarm clock, even more than their wives

The day is beginning, you can tell by the sunrise

People get ready for a day in their lives

They’re getting together, in the streets of the cities

Like lost computers of a shattered tribe

They’re all in a hurry, to be in time

some for promotion, some to stay alive

Yeah, yeah

I’m the all day watcher, that’s all I do

I’m the all day watcher, I’m watching you

Well I shake my head and I shake my brain

And I don’t understand why they’re all the same

I weigh pro’s and con’s, against their lives and mine

But I don’t know, it’s beyond my frame of mind

Beyond my frame of mind, yeah

Oeh, in a few more minutes, and millions of people

hear the whistle of freedom, blowing through their head

They push and they hurry and the herd starts moving

they follow the trail back home again

Where they’re taking it easy, with a box of beer

Watching the late late show on color TV

and life ain’t easy, when you’re livin’ that way

But sometimes I wonder, maybe it’s fun everyday

Yeah, yeah

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