Come In Outerspace

Golden Earrings

Few things really get me mad

Disappointed or truly sad

I’m out on the beach lookin’ for a light

Shootin’ through the summernight

And when the sun comes up

I’m going blind from stretch and strainin’

My minds eye

I don’t know why I keep it up

Twenty five years gone down on luck

Everybody’s seen ‘em by now

I feel like I am bein’ left out

C’mon in outerspace

I wanna see you too

Spendin’ all my money on the books

They wrote about you

Tune in outerspace

Something gotta give you face

Maybe it’s vanity

Don’t you thing that you owe it to me

When I’m at home insecure

They scrutinize me that’s for sure

I take a pill and I fall asleep

Can’t shake it off I’m in the deep

And when The sun goes down

I’m up all right from stretch and strainin’

My minds eye

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