Gang Starr

[Featuring Damo D Ski]


Take your time recline and make your mind up

I feel fine so I'm gonna wind up

Here's the pitch check the switch now watch me

hit you right to this while I pursue this

desire to get you on up to step to

rhythms and rhymes cause I respect you

Unless you're a biting one a non writing one

Reciting some of my lines although you are blind

you'll see my shadow rather my silhouette

But I'll be glad though, knowin your pillow's wet

And that you're upset, cause you thought you brought

the answer -- to this dilemma in rap but I'll vamp you with


[Damo D-Ski]

Pure is my thought, my spirit is my heart

I shall embark to spark my fine art

of oratory wisdom, emcees I quiz them

on terms and techniques, then I'll wreck each with speech

I win the science fair, so you don't you try and scare

me with your threats and, idle atrocities

I am the best and yo I am your boss at these

methods and forms of, causin swarms of fans

just to dance, like thunder storms of

what it must take to, crush you or break you

If I dislike you, I may not hate you

It's just that you sound weak when, you think you're speakin



The rhymes are peaceful like yoga, and yo I know the

time must be mine, so I'm gonna throw the

whole kit n kaboodle in, while you sit doodlin

Scribblin, now wipe your mouth cause it's dribblin

That's nasty, so how you gonna get past me?

Whatcha babblin punk? I have to put a rattle in

your hand, and then I'll serve you like an infant

Put a bib on you, and feed you in-stan-taneously

Rhymes that'll be, famous from me

The Keith double-E, cause you're a faker

And I will take the mic from you and make the

brothers and sisters unite, while we relate the


[Damo D-Ski]

I'm glowin with intensity,

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