Gang Starr

Keith E.E. emcee on a spree I'm goin for this

cause draws applause yes I adore this

I'll reteach with speech I can accomplish

I've got to flaunt this I'm not a pessimist

Yo I'm an optimist that's why I'm droppin this

I'm good I got style cause I've stood for a while

In the shadows of the others gettin mellow with the brothers

called the Gang and yes I can hang

Progressin with my lesson while I do my thang

I've got gusto

"My man gots that gusto" "Word"

(repeat 2X)

You say your rhymes flow, I say I'm spontaneous

Rockin the place, I'm not mainly just

sayin some words that are weak or incoherent

And it's apparent, that you fear us, the Gang

but I'm still a peace seeker

I'm in your face, don't have to sneak ya

Dope rhymes speaking with wisdom of a preacher

and I'm here, cause you've been victimized

I'm sincere, I see through gifted eyes

So yo, we're gonna see what the race is

That's where you groups, will have to face us

And you can bet we'll be in tip-top shape

Nice so precise with a hip-hop update

Wait, I got a shoutout for the ladies

Come check me baby, don't underrate me

Cause I'm a man with the plan for all

The Guru, to groove you, get out the wall

I've got gusto

"My man gots that gusto" "Word"

(repeat 2X)

I've got gusto, so I'm kickin it well

I got gusto, with much clientele

So I pump it, to a higher decibel

Have a seat, listen cause the rest it goes smooth

and improve and bust a move

I am the man with the true blue potential

I am essential, I drive you mental and back

Attack mack and rap

And as you calm I will romp

Like a giant I stomp

I've got gusto

"My man gots that gusto" "Word"

(repeat 2X)

Really? Right, you wanna be a emcee?

Then go against me -- boy don't even tempt me

Cause I go house on th

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