Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Gang Starr

Many MC's are mislead

Mislead by the lies that they pump in their heads

The money and the fame that they're hoping to find

Will never come close to the scope of my rhyme

Now some have been succesful but really

And yo these MC's are clearly not nearly

Up to this level or should I say caliber

Because I'm hype that the company's selling me

Because they'll take a dud talk some crud and then push him

But in the next year, someone new will just squoosh him

Because when you sell out to appeal to the masses

You have to go back and enroll in some classes

So cash in your check 'cause it's the last one you get

The tables have turn and now you ain't in effect

So jet to the rear and you better just follow

'Cause what's here today maybe gone tomorrow

Here and gone in a flash, some made cash

While other suckers go broke real fast

Some never make any money but still they act funny

LIke they're thinking they're running

Things, wearing rings and medallions

Then listen to their rhymes when we rather take valiums

'Cause swiftness and skills they are lacking

So I send them packing, they should have know not to tax in

And smashing all of the vocals to smithereens

Watching them collecting themselves 'cause they ?(bitter seen)?

But some find happiness while others find sorrow

And what's here today, maybe gone tomorrow

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