Check The Technique

Gang Starr

You puny protozoa you're so minute you didn't know the

Gang has been watching but instead of just squashing you

I'm scooping you up out of the muck you wallow in

Like a cheif chemist all the sciences are following

Planned it to examine you on a petrie dish

Sticking you and fricking you just a tiny bit

I'm clever wit science but never reliant

Unfalse words from cowards who forever be trying

Insisting they come off, I let them get some off

They come back wit drum tracks, their ears could get number

Blockbusting, like making love, I never stop thrusting

Into your system so just listen

I'm like a neurosurgeon operating wit ?(a fear of version)?

I write perscriptions of words that fit in

Then go catch my stride as I kick it live

'Cause it's more that a style, it's conceptual genius

My effect on the scene is to project that I mean this

You deadbeat, wait until you see my next feat

I get respect for the rep when I speak

Check the technique

Check the technique...see if you can follow it

I'm rushing you like a defensive end as I recommend

That you comprehend, I could stomp you in

A battle, contest, or war, what will it throw

It'll be ?(the poor picture)? of you're immature

Insecure for sure, meek, weak visions of grandeur

To rudely awaken you, I then'll be breaking you

Taxing without asking and tracking and snaking you

Making you sucumb to the drums of Gangstarr

By far we are truely gifted ones, son

But if you were to speculate or estimate us losing

You be dying, trying to face the fate of your delusions

'Cause miscalculation is all you're stating

So I'm chumping, punting punks just like footballs

'Cause I wanna put you all back in the messhall

To clean up the slop and stop all the bullcrap

Your rap's crazy wack so don't try to pull that

you're lacking the vernacular, I'm slapping ya and capping ya

And closing your jaws 'cause you can't mess wit G

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