Bad Guys Always Die (Feat. Dr. Dre)

EMINEM , Dr. Dre

Verse 1
Dre : All you see is the sun ,
reflecting off of the gun ,
I'm ready for this showdown ,
to go down at 1 ,
sweat on my brow ,
lets settle it now ,
i'ma show you how real cowboys get down ,
im polishin' gold ,
waitin' for this drama ta unfold ,
I got a blunt rolled ,
feelin bold ,
gangsta's blood run cold ,
its time to reload the soul 45 cold ,
the winds gusty ,
top muddy and dusty ,
busta couple shots ta make sho i'm not rusty ,
it's past noon he should be here soon ,
sip a little moonshine outside a saloon ,
all the sudden I can hear the sound a hooves ,
sounds like a thousand wolves ,
I cock back ,
toastin the holster and froze ,
I pose like a poster ,
he's closer than close ,
I hold the heat sturdy ,
I heard he fights dirty ,
but i'ma put thirty inside em' and leave early ,
just when I went to fill it with hot lead ,
I put the gun to his head and this is what he said

Slim : You neva met me?
You'll probably neva see me again ,
but I know you the name's Slim , you want revenge?
then don't shoot ,
i'm in the same boots as you ,
i'm tellin' the truth ,
I got a price on my head too


Cowboy : (cuz we) ride like a cowboy towards the sun ,
life ain't fun when you're on the run ,
gotcha gold and you gotcha gun ,
life as an outlaw's just begun ,
gotcha shotgun by you're side ,
gotcha horse and you gotcha pride ,
you ride til' they're ain't no place to hide ,
it's sad cuz the bad guys always die

Verse 2

Dre : He was cheatin ,
seen by the look on his face ,
he said take ten paces , shit ,
I took eight ,
I spun around and aimed straight for the brain,
my shit went bang but it only fired a blank he said
(shady: you need bullets , hurry up run)
I put a clip in the gun and pointed at his lungs ,
we pulled two at the same time and stood stunned

Slim : go ahead , shoot me , but i'm not the one you want

Dre : I figgered he was tellin the truth
thats why I didnt shoot him ,
see what we gonna do , it's on you

Slim : Do you recall

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