8 Mile: Chin Tiki Parking Lot Freestyle


Your style is generic
Mine's authentic made
I roll like a renegade
You need clinic aid
My techniques bizzare an ill
I scar and kill
You were a star until i served you like a bar and grill,
Now I proceed to cook and grill ya
That's all it took to kill ya
You better recognize me like i look familiar,
You wanna battle?
You beat around the bush
Like you scared to lick pussy so eat around the tush
I need a clown to push
Someone that I can bully,
Wait a minute I don't think you understand fully,
See me without a style is like mustard without the Heinz
I lead the new school, you're a Busta without the Rhymes,
I'll crush the shit out your lines

[Big Dude rap's]
Now i'm the rashiki smokin the lik liki
10 freaky girls inside the chin tiki
Girl when you see me you better believe me
This aint a game and pimpin ain't easy,
Anything goes when it comes to hoes
Im the king pin when it comes to flows
You betta ask someone if you don't know
When you see me girl say "wat up dogg",
10 freaky girls, 10, 10, 10 freaky girls 10, 10

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