Tha Problem (skit)


[Bell rings, door opens]...

[Arab Man singing]...


Aye yo my man,

My man

[Arab Man]

1 second, 1 second,

Iss my part, iss my part of the


1 sec


Yo come on man,

I'm gunna late man,

[Arab Man]

Why you beeing disrespectful,

Why you come in my store,

You dont ring my bell,

([Cassidy:] Dog,dog,dog)

You dont wipe your feet on the carpet,

What the fuck,

Mine, see my rug, rub,


Fall back,

Fall back,

I need a chicken cheese steak man,

[Arab Man]

I dont have chicken any cheese what, ([Cassidy:] dog)

Number 1 five,

What the combo,

What do you want,

The special or the moovle,


I dont know what number it is man,

Chicken cheese steak man,

([Arab Man:] i have 1,2,3)

Chicken Cheese steak man,

Salt, pepper, ketchup, mayonaise,

And fried onions,

([Arab Man:] i dont have eggs, and and)

Throw some cheese fries in there

Too man,

[Arab: talkin gibberish]

1 second


Throw some cheese fries in there too


Okay, 1 second


[Cassidy:] HURRY UP!!

[Arab:] I'm done as quick as this

[Cassidy:] What the fuck is this?!

[Arab:] Thats my special philly cheese steak for the for the man

[Cassidy:] dog this aint no philly cheese steak man

[Arab:] this is for the hood, i make this for the hood

[Cassidy:] this aint no philly cheese steak,

Dog you aint even from Philly,

[Arab:] Where the fuck are you from, i'm from here,

[Cassidy:] Nigga i'm from philly nigga, where the fuck are you form?!

[Arab: (teasing)]

[Cassidy:] Well I'm kell pipe nigga

[Arab:] Nigga i got pipes too, fuck

[Cassidy:] fuck is this shit?

[Arab:] i'm from philly so you dont like it then go home, thats where my steaks is from

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