Around Tha World


[Swizz Beats]

Let's go round and round the world, Cass

Round and round the world. Cassidy Tha Problem

You are now in zone of Philly's own...Cassidy

[VERSE 1 (Swizz Beats)]

Cassidy I'm gone ball right

I deal wit the raw get it alright

And my chicks get it hard, get it all night

So ladies if you wit me say alright (Alright) say alright

This for my hood mamis

Y'all hard to be trust but what's good mami

I would grip you up if I could mami

'Cuz you ain't gettin' fucked like you should mami

And that ain't good mami

This for the black ladies

We gotta love the mothers of the black babies

'Cuz if we don't do that then it's a wrap baby

So if you from the gutter where you at baby (Oh yeah) where you at baby

This for the white women

The Spanish, Asian and all type women

I got love for my striaght and my dike women

No matter what you like it's alright women (Alright) it's alright women

It's alright

[CHORUS 2x (Swizz Beats)]

To my ladies around the world, world

To my thugs around the world, world

I do this around the world, world

You can't miss me, I'm comin' through


Cassidy I'm gone shine right

Yeah a nigga rhyme, I'm in the limelight

But I had to grind of the crime life

We all gone shine when the time right (Alright) so get ya mind right

This for my hood niggaz

It's hard to come up but what's good nigga

I would break bread if I could nigga

'Cuz you ain't gettin' fed like you should nigga

And that ain't good nigga

This for the rock hustlers

The makin' sales, still on the block hustlers

And in the jails are my cell block hustlers

And most cops just wanna knock hustlers 'cuz they not hustlers

This for my real homies

We done been through it all but we still homies

Man you gotta work hard for a meal homie

Man cats still hungry wit a deal homie, and that's real homie

And that's real

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