A.M. to P.M.


I still move work from the AM to the PM
Niggas got beef, Imma spray 'em when I see em
(Gat sounds)
Imma spray em when I see 'em
(Gat sounds)
Imma spray em when I see 'em

I pump on the streets from the AM to the PM
A nigga want beef, Imma spray 'em when I see em
Lay 'em when I see 'em
AK 'em when I see 'em
Hop out the Bronco and OJ 'em when I see 'em
Cut a bone out his skin
Fish fillet 'em when I see 'em
N wire is real Kanye 'em when I see 'em
My young'ns on they job so I pay 'em when I see 'em
Turn Boyz II Men, I want Yayo when I see 'em
'Cuz I be on the grind from the PM to the AM
Paint pictures with my rhymes
You can see 'em when I say 'em
My songs' like movies
You can see 'em when you play 'em
If a nigga want beef
When I see 'em Imma spray him
For six G's I can get your whip swiss cheesed
I'm like a red nose pit you a mixed breed
Bitch please, all them dudes in your crew ass
I get you strangled by the strings on your du-rag

Imma let you niggas talk all stupid
Until you get hawked all stupid
Sparked all stupid
Outlined in chalk all stupid
Y'all got bite I'll bark all stupid
It is what it is
I'm in the coupe ? drooped all stupid
Fitted hat cocked all stupid
Gettin top all stupid
My clientelle pop all stupid
We make sales on the block all stupid
It is what it is
It's a fact that I rap all stupid
Get your weight pushed back all stupid
We strapped all stupid
I'll get you clapped all stupid
Don't let the pills and the yack make you act all stupid (Stupid)
Yeah I do my thing all stupid
Let my chain bling all stupid
My ring all stupid
And my earing all stupid
I got the things and I sling all stupid


Yo my flow have you so amazed and astonished
I been hot since I copped my first Sega with Sonic
Back in the day, when Shawn Kemp played with the Sonics
I rocked the used jeans and I played the Italians
You know I blow haze, I be blazin' the chronic
It got my mind scrambled, like a egg in a omellete
I talk with God every day and he made me a promise
Me and T like Malcolm and Elijah Mohammed
Me and Swiss like Martin and Jessie
But the fact that I can get assassinated is starting to stress me
I ain't tryin to let the police ? and arrest me
But I still keep a steel tucked under the fresh tee
And I ain't just rappin for my health
So before you diss me, you better off clappin' at yourself
Cause I ain't try to battle on the mike
I have those goons hop out on you like they did Harold at the light


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