Make U Scream - Cassidy, Snoop Dogg


(feat. Snoop Dogg)

[Chorus (Cassidy & Female Voice)]
[Female Voice:] I'd like to make sweet love to you
[Cassidy:] What you say you tryin' to do, huh?
[C:] I'll make you scream like
[F:] AHHH!
[C:] And shout like
[F:] AHHH!
[C:] And sing
[F:] Do di do do di do do do
[C:] Now what you say?
[F:] I'd like to make sweet love to you


[Verse 1 (Cassidy)]
I was told you ain't got it nice, 'til you got a wife
But na I'ma baller cuz, never gon fall in love
Pshyche that's a damn lie
Ladies put ya hands high every man should try to get a woman to stand by
It's called devotion, emotions could make a man cry
But ma wipe ya tears and just stare in that man eyes
Prove that you there for him, prove that you care for him
That's how you gotta act, prove that you got his back
Prove that you not a rat
Don't creep and ho around, hold him down
'Cause you know what comes around goes around
And I'm older now and it might sound kinda weird
But man all them damn AIDS commercials got me kinda scared


[Verse 2 (Snoop Dogg)]
You ever laid on some pink mink sheets blowin' swishers
Holdin' on some champagne while doin ya damn thang
Caressin' on tha world main
Adressin'' you is no pain
Betty Wright is playing, no pain no gain
I did it for the hell of it
Hit it now you tell a bitch
Now she want a little bit, I did it for the smell of it
It's relevant and evident
Yeah girl you heaven sent
I love the way you break and take all the evidence
Pimpin cause I'm stayin in your mothafucking residence
While you out bringin me back the dead presidents
(Pimpin', Pimpin', Pimpin')
You can say that I got you
I do it cause I have to, plus I feel like I got too


[Verse 3 (Cassidy)]
Sis if you make love to me
Kissin' and huggin' me
Lickin' and rubbin' me, it'll get ugly
The bed got a mink spread gettin all cuddley
Pop bub' the hot tub gettin all bubbley
You don't even gotta ask, all my girls got it bad
Closet full of Prada bags and I ain't even gotta brag
Yeah I keep them lookin real
Go 'head you can push the wheel
And if ya face tough I might wake up and cook a meal
Whatever you ask for (It's yours)
We can go to my bungalo over in Tahiti with the glass floors
Fish swimmin 'round, the moonlight shimmer down
I got the bomb stroke
Girl get ya spine broke

[Chorus Until Fade]

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