Tryin' Hard

Brian Houser

I been bloodshot on tequila, I been gutshot on the whiskey and the rye.

I been livin' real fast, usin' up the days before I die.

I know you might be thinkin' that I'm drinkin' me a hole in the ground.

Don't worry about me folks, I'm tryin' real hard to settle down.

I'm tryin' hard, but tryin' hard won't make it anymore.

I'm tryin' hard, remembering what I'd done the night before, it's a chore.

I hear some people talking saying hell is the place that I'm bound.

Don't worry 'bout me folks I'm tryin real hard to settle down.


I've tried to leave them be, but I just can't leave the pretty girls alone.

Every time I turn my head I got my eye on one I've never know.

Now there ain't no harm in lookin' and in lookin'

I'm not doin' you no wrong.

Don't worry 'bout me mama, I'm tryin' real hard to settle down.


Don't worry 'bout me friends, you know I'm tryin' real hard to settle down.

I said I'll finally quit the party when they lay me under the ground.