Last Of The Outlaws

Brian Houser

Jesus remember in the spring of '99

They were on our tails, had us runnin' hard and long.

But we fought 'em tooth and nail 'till we finally broke their pride,

They never thought that we would stand so strong.

We were the best of the best and the baddest of the bad.

The blood runs thick like brothers thru our veins.

But time is taking toll and it's getting' kind of sad,

There's no one left to carry on our name.

Now all that's left is you and me.

We are the last of the outlaws

Don't you see?

Many was the night as we sit here looking back,

We were together in the midnight hour smokin' on the tracks.

Working side by side on the job that must be done,

Knowin' damn well in the morning that train was gonna come.

Half crazy and the other half mean.

Last of the outlaws,

That's you and me.


The years have run together and each day its been the same,

Strappin' on our hips the tools of our trade.

No pity for the poor fools that dare step in our way,

They'll never understand the life we lead.

Last of the outlaws,

You and me.

There was silence in the shadows and like the giant we stood tall.

Danger all around us but never did we fall.

And they knew if they tried to take us one,

They were gonna have to take us all.

Dawn is breaking cold in the north Texas sky,

There's a touch of frost showing on the ground.

Things ain't been the same since old Lone Wolf said good-bye,

Them Rodriguez boys have gone and settled down.

That leaves the fight to you and me.

We are the last of the outlaws,

Don't you see?

(Repeat chorus)