Someone Like You

Brian Houser

I carry my demons here on my back.

I've been running like crazy, sometimes running off track.

They say life can drive you a little insane.

But it's also been said that can keep you ahead, ahead of the game.

My future's been changing like the wind shifts the sand.

All I held onto slipped through my hands.

I finally quit fighting, quit fighting the tide.

I let myself go and I roll with the flow and enjoy the ride.

Cause I've tried living true.

Tried living my lies too.

Tried everything here in between.

But I never knew I'd find someone like you lookin' for me.


Dream on you dreamers, dream all you can.

Those who condemn you, don't understand.

You've got to have something when you've lost everything else.

When your back's to the wall you've got to try and stand tall and believe in yourself.