River Run Dry

Brian Houser

I once had a love for you like cool clear water from my soul.

And it almost seemed unending from where it would flow.

You stood on the bank, you watched it go by.

Just took a hit now and then never thinkin' it could ever go dry.

Well the river run dry and it won't flow again.

Sometime there ain't no goin' back to the places you've been.

That river run dry, nothin' but sandstone and gravel.

Sometimes there ain't no goin' back down

the same road you've traveled.


Time's moving fast like so many moons in the sky.

I can't hear your voice anymore no matter how hard I try.

So I sit in the night tryin' to remember the feel.

But the feelin' won't come and I wonder was it ever real?


You may find it strange how things have changed.

Footprints in the sand is all that remains.

Through fields in my mind new rivers to find.

Leavin' behind that river run dry.