Roll Along

Brian Houser

Well I woke up this morning I didn't know your name.

Don't cry mama, I'm glad you came.

Come on girl don't let me hear you whine.

You got yours while you was givin' me mine.

Said roll along, roll along,

Roll along your hard time will soon be gone.


Now there ain't no sense in me lookin' back.

I'm a steamin' locomotive and I run off track.

Runnin' full speed ahead for the edge of the cliff.

It'll drive a man to hell, livin' like this.


I've seen enough true believers.

Even been one once or twice.

It's a fine line between them and us losers.

We're all the same in this life.

You can use your views and your religion too.

To put me down if that's what you choose.

I'm gonna be what I want to be.

And I don't give a damn what you think of me.



I've heard lots of people cry.

That they've gotta get a little more out of life.

I've thought hard and it seems to me.

A few good friends is all you need.