Makin' Me Blue

Brian Houser

When you left me, I didn't know

If I'd be all right 'cause you were so cold.

Broke my heart, what a start, you left me all alone.

Now the time's growing long, I started to heal.

Thought I'd write you a song and let you know how I feel.

Listen up babe, listen up good, I'm saying this to you and it's true.

You were the only thing, makin' me blue.

When I think of you, I think Lord, what a shame

That you'll keep going on playin' your dirty little games

But you'll find in time, you're weaving yourself a noose.

When your new man, hen he hits the door

You'll find the heart that you broke, it will be yours.

And you'll see so clearly what I've said is true.

You were the only ting, makin' me blue.

So woman, try to understand when the whole, whole story's told

They'll say that you, you lost a true lovin' man,

Now you're reapin', reapin' the seeds you've sewn.

I've been feeling like I should be sad

Should be grieving, over all that we had,

But I smile each time that I think I'm through with you,

We're really through,

You were the only thing, makin' me blue