Under The Influence Of Tricyle Mechanics


i've got a question for you

before i'm put in the charger

and scrambled behind the washer

my mechanic holder

do you have a copy

what's your twenty

yeah go ahead

that's a 10-4

ready to watch the watch face

tie me back into place

ready to watch the training wheels

disappear as three draws near

you're clear to land here

battery baby

show you my bruise

kiss it better

black and blue

you would never look under the compactor

big back breaks at tens and twos

you'll never know where i go to sleep

when the elevator closes you lose

you're so charming

permanent workbelt

me drink booze make stinking skin

you get charmed

when the elevator closes

i'm in

sugar sugar

i dare you to scream here

sugar sugar

you sure got one smokers

coughy coughy