First Day Back


so frustrated

that something (so) complicated

could hang over my head

on my first day back

and already i'm treading on unsteady ground

so strike me down or check me out

so elated

that this soul so understated

could be making eyes at me

but first i'll be

another innocent victim looking for some

sense of sympathy

in the middle of a state

the sorry story of a star

that goes "here's my heart"

it's a start

and if anything, we haven't seen everything

in the middle of a stage

there's a girl and a guitar

but there's your car

have we forgotten who we are?

we haven't seen anything

so i'm told that chicago's cold

can't be cool as california

for the first time ever

i feel severed yet smooth removed

if you approve then check it out

to what do i owe this attention

i'm only half of the reflection

and the conversation goes

oh, nevermind (oh, nevermind)

to what do i owe this tension

if deception's fine

then this is divine

divine define divine

on my first day back

and already i've settled on

my weak front