My Baby Smokes



i hope you're lying

cause if these things come so easy

then why am i trying

so hard

i thought it best

to let it simmer

then deliver

pour the facts and feelings

from a fever pitcher

of smoke

a cough and a choke

i can feel you smiling

but you're too far to see

and june is here, june is here

but she's laughing without me

i want to see your eyes

inches from mine

at both nines

we drink up the anger

like wine

laced with sugar

and smoke

i cough and i choke

(so take my hand

we'll jump up together and land

just like the cats can)

these are the things that make us laugh

these are the things that make us cry

these are the things that make our knees shake

for fear's sake

and make our hearts break

it's me and me and baby makes three