Killing A Camera


got caught kicking the canvas down

i had plans but they never seemed to work out

wide-eyed and on the lookout

got caught tearing the whole thing down

i was halfway done

but then you know this painted scene

could never leave me

oh please believe me

caught killing a camera

now it seems calming and clear to hire

a cast of kittens, the cats we've been kissing

for the cameras we're lowering here

got caught tearing the whole thing down

i was halway done

but then we sang it for memphis

the new slang in frame and canvas

just for the cameras

when we are awake we sing "never... ever"

this is where you must make up your mind

should beauty be design this time?

this time you decide cause we go with whatever

we take our time

got a cough

my throat kills from singing

my ears are ringing

the stage is slowly sinking

and we're all thinking the same thing

let's not settle for satisfaction

we are women and men of action

let's stop clapping let's start doing

a dream for the teens and in-betweens

and twenties yet unseen