The Day Of Reckoning


They gathered in the morning twilight, ten thousand mortal men

With banners held high to the sky, and eyes that gleamed with pride

Their hail was carried through the air as the king adressed the crowd

He spoke of the battle soon to come, and how the day world end in glory

They all hearkened to his wisdom and in their souls a hope was lit

And with his words still ringing in their ears they marched... onwards into battle

The morning silence was broken by ten thousand marching men

Unknowing of what the day might bring their hearts all beat with strength

The day of reckoning was finally here, the slavery would end

with dreams of freedom they rose their heads and stared into the sun

A cold pale void on the freezing sky, bearly breaking through the dust

High above it's fading light lead the way... onwards into battle

Before them laid a cold grey desert, a landscape void of life

The portal of the tower stared like the black eyes of the night

The tower stood as a spike thrust straight in to the heart of heaven

As struck down in to the mountain by giants of the past