The Brighter The Light, The Darker The Shadow


In the far horizon a shapeless darkness filled the sky

And slowly with a faint whispering, making the air putrid and unbreathable

The nightshadow came crawling...

The ground was covered by fallen men, their bodies mangled and torn

Upon the Hillside the Final stand, and they knew they would come home no more

A deafening thunder shook the earth and lightning split open the sky

Rain fell like blood when the heavens turned black and the sun slowly withered and died

Engulfing the fallen and standing alike, killing the living and waking the dead

A darkness so black it would make night seem like day covered the hills and the plains

The hearts of the mortals, all but the brightest, turned to stone black as the night

But the brighter the light, the darker the shadow that consumes the source of all life

Trapped by the evil he set out to conquer, his soul now cried out in vain

His mind was twisted and lost in the kingdom where madness and suffering reign

Deformed by the darkness the Nightshade brought

Condemned to be killed but never to die

Forever in torment, chained to the throne

Where the Nightshwadow rules with death on it's side