The cold misty veil of frost

Shadow eternal call

The shapeless twisted darkness

With Aurora Borealis illuminates the northen soil

Among mighty forests

Hills and mountains mightier than

The words of gods - here lies the path

The path to the nightshadow

Through the moonblue night

The dim and dusky light

The nightshadow crawling hunger

A key to the abyss

Here - in the majestic north

Here - the woe of frost

By the bestial might of the mountains

Here - I shall walk as a sheep

To the lair of the wolf

Into infinity

Night call, shadow fall

Unexplored visions in my innermost thoughts

Beasts howls in the ecstasy of hate

The dark tempts me out this night

Summons me to the horrid hate

Such silence - such liberating silence

Here I shall rest throughout eternity

Here - in the shadow of your black wings' embrace